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Information on Electronic Filing

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If your tax returns qualify, both federal and state returns will be e-filed.  This will enable you to get your refund (if any) faster, avoid IRS processing problems and errors that may be encountered in transcribing your returns, and eliminate the need to go to the post office to file your returns.

The e-filing is quite simple, and will entail the following:

~  When your returns are completed, we will send you your copy of the returns for you to review and approve, together with forms that will authorize us to e-file your returns.

~  Once you have approved the returns for e-filing, please sign the forms where indicated (if filing a joint return, both spouses must sign) and return it to us in the envelope provided.  Alternatively, you can fax the forms to us at Saco 207-283-8608 or Scarborough 207-883-2284.  These forms will not only provide us with your consent to e-file the returns, but will act as your "electronic signature" on the e-filed returns.  Upon our receipt of your signed Forms, we will e-file your returns.

~  Your tax refund can be expedited by having it directly deposited into your account.  This can be accomplished by supplying us with your bank's routing number and account number and indicating whether the account is a savings or checking account.  To ensure that the proper numbers are entered, please send us a copy of a voided check.  

~  If you have a balance due to the U.S. Treasury it can be paid as follows:

1.     By Check...

We will send you Vouchers to remit payment to the U.S. Treasury and participating States.  Even though your return has been e-filed before April 15th, payments can be made with Vouchers that are mailed in time to reach the IRS and State by April 15th.

2.      By "Electronic Funds Withdrawal"...

We strongly recommend "Electronic Funds Withdrawal" for the federal return, we will enter the withdrawal date 2-3 days before April 15th to assure that the tax is timely paid.  The same information requested for direct deposit will be used for the Electronic Funds Withdrawal. 

Unless we are notified otherwise, we will send you payment Vouchers with your copy of the tax returns - if your copy is via electronic file in your portal, you will need to print and assemble the voucher.  Please note, we will not send out reminder notices with regard to the timely mailing of the payments and Vouchers to the U.S. Treasury or State.