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Sending Us A File

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To send us your documents and files via our SECURE E-MAIL please follow these instructions.

The “Send us a File” feature allows you to send us information in a secure and efficient manner.  Since you are only able to send one actual file or document at a time you will need utilize a Zip file if you are going to send us multiple files.  The Zip file will allow you to combine multiple files into one Zip file, which will then allow you to send us that one Zip file that includes all of your files.  

For instructions on how to create a Zip file please see the instructions under the “2019 Tax Returns” tab on our website. 

When you have your file or the ZIP file ready to send click on the SEND US A FILE box at the bottom of this page and complete the following information in the “Securely Send a File” window.

Please make sure you have the correct person /office selected in the “TO” box above and click on the box that says “SEND TO SELECTED FIRM MEMBER” to send your file.

Once the file has been successfully sent you will get the following notification displayed on your screen:

"SUCCESS! You’re file / message has been uploaded." 

If you did not get this message your file did not successfully upload. Be patient as large files take longer to load.

Once we will receive your information we will confirm the receipt via an e-mail to you.

Thank you and feel free to call our office if you have any questions or concerns.

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Click the box below to reach the Securely Send a File window: